Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jordyn Lynn [1 Month]

My baby girl is 1 month already!  You are so amazing...words cannot describe how it has felt to be your mama!  You are happy and healthy and melt our hearts every single day!  You don't go back to the doctor until you're two months, but you weigh approximately 9 1/2 pounds already! :)

I never want to forget the way you squeak when you drink a bottle.  You're not on any schedule, but you pretty much eat 3 ounces every feeding.  You typically go to bed around 9pm and wake around 3am to eat.  Sometimes you go back to sleep easier than others.  You use Avent bottles and stage 1 nipples.
I never want to forget the way you look like a little birdie with your mouth open almost all of the time.  You smiles lots...mostly right before and after you sleep.  You drift to sleep with cooing sounds and wake up with huge eyes!  They are blue, just like your mama.  You get your reddish/brown hair from your daddy.
I never want to forget the way you lift your knees up when you poo.  Although we don't see that much since you don't even go once a day.  You do however love to pee on anyone changing you!  You wear Newborn diapers and clothes.  Your onsies are 0-3 months.  You still like to be swaddled each night when you go to sleep in our room.  
You're more and more active each day.  Your daddy and I cannot wait to see all of the changes you make each month as you grow healthy and strong.  Thank you for making us parents sweet baby Jordyn.  We love you to the moon and back!
Mama and Daddy


  1. So cute! And wow, only 1 poo a day :) Lucky you haha


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