Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[Labor Day]

..Labor Day Party [& awesome weekend]
..fireplace [almost] finished
..deck stained
..bon fire

..photogenic boys
..babies to play with
..dozen handmade cupcakes consumed
..happy homeowners until the water heater quit
..times I scrubbed our floor on my hand and knees

..days off work to spend at the Lakehouse
..kinds of meat/smoked grilled Sunday
..dogs at the Lakehouse this weekend
Carter:Mallory:Me:Bennett:Mackenzie I hadn't seen forever
..yard games played


  1. oh, fun! I wonder if your kid will be blonde :)

    I'm dying for some lakehouse pics!!

  2. Me too, lake house photos?

    And you are adorable in your belly shot, getting so close!!


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