Friday, September 16, 2011


So my parents are buying us a camcorder and we want to pick it out early so we have it when Baby H arrives BUT I'm lost!  I don't know much about them [as in I've really never used one].  My parents had something that resembled this growing up...
Not exactly, but definitely similar!  Via Google
Note:  No worries...they did upgrade to a handheld when those hit the markets!

But really I don't know what we need.  We want something that will just hook up to our computer to make digital files [which I'm sure they all do by now] and something semi small so that we'll actually use it.  I don't need crazy awesome quality, but I would like something decent.  Good color, clarity, and image stability.  We aren't brand specific.  We have an apple laptop, canon camera, samsung get my drift.

Is a $100 flipcam good enough for our needs?

Or do we go with something a little bigger?


What camcorder do you have?  What do you like/dislike about it?  Is there anything we must know before we decide on one?

--the clueless parents!


  1. I bought a camcorder awhile back when one of the best buy like stores were going out of business. Its great and I still use it, but the tapes it goes onto are mini dvr tapes, which is not a big deal because I can hook up the camera to the computer to copy movies but it would be much easier to have a camcorder that tapes onto mini dvd tapes. My Mom has one and its great because she not only can hook it up to the tv, but can also play the mini dvd in the dvd player and can just slide the mini dvd into the computer slot to edit/play without having to worry about wires. Good Luck!! Can't wait to see the movies!

  2. I don't have one to speak from experience - but i've heard good things about the flip cams... maybe have your parents buy you the larger (more expensive) one and then buy yourself the flip cam and keep that in your purse, since it's so much smaller? Just a thought!

  3. I have a flip cam and love it. It's small-so i actually carry it around and use it, and it's so easy! I only have some kind of a small Sony camera that can fit in my purse but I don't use that as much.'s not as easy (stil haven't figured out) how to get the video on to my computer (i know..duh me).

  4. i like them BOTH and im sure both have their pro's and con's i would try going into a store and play around with them a lil. and think of what you are going to be using it for... BABY of course first walk first words etc... so look at zoom, action of it when you move it around! :) good luck!

  5. I'd get a Flip too, I don't have one and my iPod replaced my desire for a small video camera... but people love them and it will work great for the birth and all that *stuff* ;)


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