Monday, August 8, 2011


We Adam made The Pioneer Woman's recipe tonight.  I forget what she called it, but penne pasta, mushrooms, onions, & chicken in a bourbon/white wine sauce.  Holy goodness!  So good I'm taking the leftovers tomorrow.  I took leftovers today too [I swear this is NOT normal!] but over the weekend my mom made her BBQ beef and left some for me.  Oh boy...I LOVE my mamas BBQ beef!  

I'm finally [almost] caught up with work from vacation last month!

My sister is coming over tomorrow night and friends of ours will be over Thursday night, so I need to find some new recipes.  

We tried out our at home heart rate monitor again luck! :(  Hopefully in a couple more weeks.

This weekend was a whirlwind of  emotions!  
So much fun to have our first visitors at the lake house!  Spending the weekend with my family is always great!  Shopping at the outlets was a blast.  Watching Adam & Murdock swim at our dock for the first time will be etched in my heart forever.  My dad finished some plumbing work, replaced a ceiling fan, & added a light which I'm oh so thankful for!  The hubs nailed all of the trim back up which just buttoned everything up a bit.  My [hopefully soon-to-be] brother in law and sister put Adam's new [large, complicated] grill together.  Gosh...have I mentioned before how thankful I am for awesome family?!  
On a less positive note...our water backed up for the 2nd time in our less than 40 days of owning the house.  So, we had a septic guy and a plumber out on emergency service calls this weekend.  My dad also ran across 'multiple' new projects that need done sooner rather than later.  Including, but not limited to...grounding our electrical work, converting our box from fuses to breakers, and breaking the house into multiple circuits.  And our bathroom project I was hoping to do this March/April will most certainly need pushed up ASAP!  Oh the joys owning a fixer-upper!  :)

Well Adam just came to bed so I'll hit publish.  

PS....Am I the only wife blessed to have a husband that eats italian peppers and sauerkraut before bed?!  I love you too babe!

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