Monday, July 25, 2011

Vacation Depression

On Friday 'I'm ready to get home to our puppy and sleep in our own bed' actually came out of my mouth when talking to my husband and honestly, I thought I meant it.  

It felt so good to home home, hug my puppy, and spend some time with my family Saturday afternoon.  Sleeping in our bed Saturday night was heavenly.  Sunday we hung out with a couple friends and spent the day just lounging around.

Today though...
I completely take back my excitement to come home.  I woke up missing bright, beautiful sunrise.  I found myself missing the smell of sunscreen and the look of sand and sweat mixed together.  After spending the past 229 hours within an arms reach of my husband, I found myself missing him today.  

And reality really sunk in when I went back to work at 5am today and realized that all [approximately 2349873409238] emails that were saved on my harddrive were GONE!  Yep...I also thought the whole point of saving them on the HD was so that they were backed up...guess I was wrong! Happy Monday!

I'm planning hoping to write a full vacation post soon, but I'll just leave you with this photo for now...
My nieces and nephews taking surf lessons for the first time on Tybee Beach


  1. Looks like fun! I shared those exact same feelings on our vacation. By the end, I thought I was ready to come home, and I think I probably was, but I wasn't ready to go back to our routines. I wanted some of that specialness at home.

  2. Awesome picture! Sorry about your emails, that's terrible! Can't wait to see pics from your vacation :)


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