Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our BIG Purchase...Questions Answered

Not to be confused with our BIG News arriving this Fall! :)

Where is your lakehouse?
Our lakehouse is on Lake Ponderosa in Iowa, about an hour from our condo.

Is this a family lakehouse?
This will be 'our' family lakehouse, but none of our parents or siblings purchased it with us.

When did you buy your lakehouse?
We took possession on Friday, June 30th.

How did you have money for the lakehouse with a baby on the way?
Luckily we got a great deal since it was our friend's aunts' house.  Also both the mister and I have recently got significant raises at our jobs.

How big is your lakehouse?
Oh goodness...this is a question for my hubby, but I think about 1000 sq. ft.  It's just the perfect size for a lakehouse; living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, & 1 bath.

It is really a lakehouse or just a second home?
It is a 'lakehouse' since it's on the lake, but it is 2nd tier of 3.

I didn't even know you guys were thinking about a lakehouse...
We have been tossing the idea around for a while, but never really perused it.  The opportunity just kind of landed.  Perfect distance from home, perfect size, perfect location from our families.

Is the lakehouse brand new?
NO!  haha...it was one of the 1st homes built on the lake [around the 1960s I believe].  Everything in the home was original! :) 

Are you ever going to share photos?
Yes, I'm just [sadly] very behind in uploading photos

Will you be making any updates?
Oh yes!  So far we [us, both of our families, & a few friends] have primed & painted the kitchen, living room, & bedrooms, replaced all of the electrics outlets & switches, installed new wood floors in the kitchen/living room and tiling around the fireplace, and a TON of yardwork [trimming, pruning, & weeding]!

What kind of boat do you have?
None...that's what kind!  :)  Luckily my FIL has a boat that we're borrowing for the time being.  Eventually, we would like to purchase a [used] pontoon.  

Have you ran into any surprises since you purchased the lakehouse?
Why yes we have actually!  We closed on the house on a Friday and by Saturday the plumbing was backed up [fun stuff!]  We ran into a few 'surprises' pulling up the carpet & fireplace area.  Their was also a 'dock' location/permission issue that we're working on.  Fun homeowner issues I guess!  

Okay...I think that's a wrap for today.  Thanks for all of your kind words about the new property.  It's very time [& $$] consuming at this point, but we know it will pay off tenfold when we can relax and getaway.  Photos coming...I promise! :)

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