Sunday, July 10, 2011

mishmash! our weekend::lakehouse projects:: & sick pup: (

We're home! It's been another loong but productive weekend. Friends and family came to the lakehouse again this weekend to help finish the cabinet project, lay the wood floor, and do a TON of yardwork in the 90*+ heat and high humidity!

Murdock has been vomiting on and off since 1am this morning. He's been sick 5 times the last one being about 5pm. He hasn't ate or even drank water since last night. I pray he feels better by morning. Is it irrational to think about taking a vacation day to stay home with your sick puppy?!

On the way home our check engine light came on. The suv is acting funny. Were wondering if its fuel related. Add taking that to the shop to my pre-vacation to do list! :(

After being tired from working all weekend, a sick puppy, & car issues we came home to a leaking (Indie our house) air conditioner. Can we just get on the plane already?!

Okay...typing from my phone so goodnight...glad the weekend is almost over...& here's to a new week! :)
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  1. Hope Murdock, the SUV and the AC all get better soon!

  2. oh no! poor pup! did you take him to a vet?


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