Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mishmash! [To Do] Brain Dump!

..I need to blog about lots of stuff..including our 'big news'
..Adam's band played this weekend..so I'm hoping to post a couple of photos
..I'm getting ginormous!
..I have lots of photos to edit
..We went to a great concert this week, hoping to post a photo soon!
..I have about 23098 errands to run tomorrow
..I snuck out of work after lunch today..it was great!
..BIG weekend ahead [hopefully!]  
..my baby sister left for Florida today..I hope she has great weather
..I'm really hoping to post about my [future] brother in laws big new soon
..I have gagillions of emails to respond to and comments to post..so bare with me if you're waiting...sorry! :(
..Did I mention I'm getting HUGE!?
..We had dinner [awesome homemade pizza] with my sister tonight and good friend Jen who is going through a lot right now, so keep her in your prayers!
..I have several things to list on Craigslist soon!
..Did you know we leave for vacation in 3 1/2 weeks...holy cow not ready!  I mean I am, but I'm not really, ya know?!
..I've been playing phone tag with my friend sarah for almost a week :( and I've needed to write my other friend Mel for like a month! :(
..I have a follow up with the ENT tomorrow, so pray for good news!!
..Okay..super tired, so that's a wrap!


  1. let's see some of those HUGE photos!!! baby belly photos are the BEST!

  2. Yay for HUGE belly photos! :) So excited. So glad you have been feeling good. I love BIG news too!


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