Monday, May 16, 2011

Mishmash! [Mother's Day::Baby H::Blogging]

Wow! I haven't blogged all week. Adam's off golfing so I think I'll catch up with everyone for a bit.

We're in transition between two internet companies, a decent connection has been few and far between, therefore blogging has been affected [effected?]

I went back home with my sister Friday for a few days...therefore I have 341 unread items in my Google Reader. My sister and I calculated how much it costs to drive my car back home, $57 in gas. :(

My sister and I went to the movie Something Borrowed last week. Some minor miscommunication had us both at different theaters for the 7pm showing, but at last we made it. Great movie, of course not what the book was, but I still hope Something Blue comes to theaters someday.

The baby purchases are in full swing. Well not really, we haven't purchased a swing, but we do have the mattress for the crib that my parents are ordering for us, a boppy, lots of little clothes, bottles, pack-n-plays, hats, blankets, and more! I hope to purchase the bedding this week and paint shortly after. We can't get this nursery together fast enough for me! :)

Adam and I have now celebrated 2 of the 8 graduations we have this year.

Last weekend was my sisters grad school graduation in Kansas City. The weather was perfect, even if we didn't get any barbecue! Last weekend we also celebrated Mother's Day. We bought my mom a necklace and a pedicure. Adam grilled us lunch and we followed it up with Bocce Ball in the back yard.

Adam bought me the new camera bag I wanted for my Mother's Day. It's been on backorder, but should be here soon. I can't wait, but the best part is knowing that by next Mother's Day I'll have a real baby to hold and spend my day with. I simply cannot wait!

I finally got the official go ahead with my promotion at work. Now just 6-8 weeks before my check should reflect it!

That's that for last week. More blog posts to come...

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