Monday, April 4, 2011

a weekend of [Home Projects] & great weather

We've had such a great weekend 
I hate to see it come to an end!  

Friday night we went to Cirque Du Soleil - Dralion with my family and Saturday Adam and my dad did a bunch of projects around the house.  They installed a keyless entry for our door [so can't lock myself out anymore!] and a peek hole!  They added shelving above the laundry room closet, hung H's to make an H wall, and put together a patio set I got a steal on this weekend.  Sunday was weather!  The perfect Spring day!  Friends came over to grill and hang out for the afternoon.  

My heart is full! :)
I hope you all had just as amazing of a weekend!


  1. Ha...great minds girl...LOVE your H wall..I've been contemplating an M wall and think now after seeing how great yours looks that I am going to go for it. Great job and what a productive and fun weekend you had.

  2. I'm jealous!! We have so many little things we need to do around the house... this upcoming weekend should be our last non-busy weekend until May, so I'll probably try to convince Jorge to spend it painting and hanging things with me :)

    Keyless entry... love it!

  3. ha, look at mom and me slacking on the couch:) so great to spend the weekend with you guys! Thanks for coming my way and helping as well! I'm hoping to make this blog thing a go ... again! :P

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  5. I love the H's!!! where did you find them at?

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