Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just Thursday..

Outside my was so beautiful earlier this week,  but rain & 60s today
Today I feel..excited
I am thankful..for getting off work between 3 and 4:30 everyday
Tomorrow I am the dentist.  I had to cancel my cleaning when I was sick
I am wearing..pjs
I wish..I could meet some of my blog friends
This weekend..Adam's band is playing for a fundraiser
I am reading..Lovely Bones...yes, still!
I am working on..backing up all of my photos from my external hard drive to thumb drives
Yesterday I..had a couple of friends over for dinner and girl chat
I am hoping..this heartburn goes away!
I am hearing..the news
I bet you didn't know..I'm scheduling vacation getaways for this summer! :)
One of my favorite..ways to wake up with a book on the patio!

Happy [almost] Friday & stay tuned because Murdock himself will be making an appearance on this blog soon!


  1. That is something I really need to do as well.. back up my pics. I bet it is taking you forever isnt it? I dread it!

    Cant wait to see Mr. Murdock.. I know he will do great on his blog debut ;)

  2. You leave at 3? SO JEALOUS!


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