Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just Thursday.. [Link Up!]

Outside my window..still cold, but I keep holding out for warm weather expected tomorrow
Today I feel..excited!
I am thankful..we're at week 14 with baby H!
Tomorrow I am going..on a walk with Murdock after work 
I am wearing..grey pants and a navy top from Banana
I wish..I didn't have to go to the office for a bit tomorrow
This still in the air, we're going to our nieces dance recital for sure
I am reading..One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
I am working on..a bunch of observational rotations for my job [such a pain!] but I just can't tell kids no.  I've been there! :)
Yesterday I..had my sister over for dinner and Idol
I am hoping..Adam has a great time at the John Mellancamp concert tonight!
I am hearing..the icemaker
I bet you didn't know..I have another dr. appt. tomorrow
One of my favorite..foods lately has been chips and cheesy sauce

Happy [almost] Weekend!
I'm hoping to write my pregnancy brain & the real true about the first trimester posts soon!
Link Up :)


  1. linking up in a few but just an FYI - your image for Just Thursday says TWENTY TEN on it... I think it's time to get a updated version ;)

  2. Oh, I miss being pregnant and eating ice cream anytime I wanted. It was about the only thing I could stomach....

  3. Wow John Mellencamp! Hope he has a great time.

  4. Oooh, You'll have to tell me how One Thousand Gifts is..I've been wanting to read it.


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