Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Thursday..

Tomorrow marks 1 week since I have blogged.  Even though I haven't been posting [or commenting, sadly!] I promise I've been reading.  Work has been especially busy.  I've been exhausted and haven't felt the best this week.  But I'm hoping to post an update on Murdock and his allergies soon.  

Outside my's dark, but supposed to be sunny and 57* tomorrow, so I'm excited for that
Today I feel..exhausted
I am thinking..Where has this last week gone?! 
I am thankful..for the sweet email my boss sent me this week 
Tomorrow I am going..HOME! :)
I am wearing..PJs
I wish..I would have posted earlier so everyone that participated could have linked up.
This weekend sister leaves for Spring Break
I need to start..working out again
I am reading..Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold [but haven't touched it this week!] 
I am working on..catching up with everything I didn't do this week.  Clean, laundry, blog, read....
Yesterday I..went to our friend J&Js house to take them a meal and baby gift and bring pizzas over for dinner.  
I am hoping..I feel better tomorrow
I bet you didn't know..Adam and two of his friends are out cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  I just stay away from them! :)

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for those of you who played along even though I've been MIA! :)



  1. Awww, now I'm worried about you. I don't like the overall tone of this, it definitely doesn't sound like you. Hope you're feeling better soon. We all have those times, don't worry about it, I just hope it helps to know people are concerned about you.

    Take care. (((Hugs)))

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I am blaming the weather!! I need to start working out again too.... can't seem to find my motivation! I have been nothing buty exhausted since I got home and with the time change happening this weekend, I don't know that I can spare to lose another hour of sleep!!!

    Take care!!

  3. Being busy is fun :) Glad things seem to be going great at your house!


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