Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Mishmash!

I don't often post on Sundays but I've got a lot of randomness floating around today.

I have 199 followers...I've never been so close to 200 before.  I'm pretty excited for that!  Maybe even giveaway excited?!

I have to give my first 'presentation' for my new position to 50 people tomorrow morning at 7am...not so excited about that!  

The Superbowl isn't really that exciting if your team isn't in it.  I don't really even care if we watch it.  Sad right?

We scheduled our tax appointment - now we just need to round everything up for it...dreading that!

I went shopping yesterday and got both of us some much needed clothes.  Found some great deals at the Gap and Banana Republic.

Big decisions for our house should be finalized in the next couple months...

Murdock got a much needed bath today...we both dread this task so much and he actually does really well so we shouldn't...but we do!

I did the Shred level 2 Friday and I still feel it in my buns!!

Alright...I've resorted to talking about my tush in here so I'll call it a night.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Night!


  1. Funny thing about the superbowl is that it is in Dallas and we are leaving town that weekend. We were hoping the Bears would get in it, because we will bin Chicago! I am with you not caring about the teams now though!

  2. Wow 199 followers -that's awesome! Congrats on the Shred - I hear it's INTENSE!

  3. I hope your presentation went well!

  4. You had to give a presentation to 50 people at work?! I would die. What did you present on???


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