Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Today... the truth is..I kinda miss my JustThursday posts.  It's like the easy, catch-up post of the week. goes!  Anyone that wants to participate feel free!

Outside my's super cold!
Today I feel..happy the week is almost over
I am thinking..I should probably get a new 'icon' if I'm going to keep doing these posts in 2011..
I am thankful..For an amazing's been a long week for me & he's handled it really well!
Tomorrow I am RELAX!  I need a little me time!
I am wearing..hoodie & jeans
I wish..I could get my pay raise that went along with my promotion..
This weekend celebrating my youngest nephews 4th birthday and my oldest nieces 14th birthday
I am reading..Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster
I am working on..learning my new position
Yesterday I..had dinner with one of Adam's high school friends and her husband [they're expecting!!]
I am hoping..this Sunday is just as awesome as last Sunday
I am hearing..Adam play Xbox360:Black Ops
I bet you didn't know..I love getting the mail...even if it is all bills!
One of my favorite..things about blogging is reading comments!

Happy [almost] Friday!


  1. Happy Thursday. I'm glad you're sticking with it. :)

    I'll join you again one of these Thursdays.

  2. I loev Jen Lancaster!

    I hope you bring back Just Thursdays! I loved it and so did my readers. If you don't, I'll probably start doing it on my own anyway haha

  3. Good thing I am leaving you a comment then :)

    I miss the Just Thursday posts too....I love the easyness of questions that I just need to answer, plus those posts don't take that much time!

    Where are the office photos??

    Have a great weekend!!


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