Thursday, January 27, 2011


Outside my's sunshinny!!!
Today I feel..sad tonight's our last night with this guy
I am thinking..what I want for dinner tonight
I am thankful..for my family
Tomorrow I am find a new dress
I am wearing..Big Star jeans [from this girl] and a new, cute yellow & gray Banana Republic top
I wish..I was going on a vacation over Spring Break
This weekend laying LOW! :)
I am reading..Sleeping Arrangements by Madeleine Wickham
I'm bummed..I LOST followers this week :(
I am working on..selling stuff we don't use anymore 
Yesterday I..had dinner with friends at Jethro's BBQ
I am hoping..this Sunday is just as awesome as last Sunday
I am hearing..Oprah:The Bravest Families in America
I bet you didn't coworker [the lady I'm replacing] left for California today, she'll be gone for a I'm all on my own!
One of my favorite..chocolates is Godiva [& my boss brought in a LARGE--shoe box sized--box into the office today!]
Current Temp..35 degrees!

Happy [almost] Friday!


  1. I hate it when I lose followers! :( I with they'd say bye so I could bribe them! ha ha

  2. Oooohh were one follower away from 200 :( I lost some followers in the last few weeks too! I agree with J and A...I wish they would say bye! I wonder why people unfollow....I always follow my followers and I don't go unfollowing anyone!! Oh well...their loss :(

    You are actually laying you even know what that means?? LOL

    I just wrote a post so this week I am going to skip Just Thursday (I didn't realize it was Thursday until I saw your post). Next week I will be right there with you though :) I'm so glad JT is back...not Justin Timberlake silly, Just Thursday :)

    Have a great Thursday!!

  3. Good luck being on your own! I bet you'll do great. Don't take losing followers personally, you know it ebbs and flows. It's definitely not you.

  4. Have a great weekend! Miss you guys! good luck finding a dress!

  5. Shopping for a new dress? I'm jealous!

  6. Boo to losing folowers. Im new to the blog world. Please check me out. I will be a new follower to you :)


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