Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lesson Learned...

It started off much like every other trip to Costco.  Fight for a cart [or 2 in our case!] and were off.  Anyone who has been to Costco knows what Im talking about.  We start shoveling everything into our cart from meat to toilet paper to Christmas gift baskets.  And yes, everything is discounted, but everything is also $10 since its in bulk.  So it really adds up fast.  Thirty minutes 2 hours later [thank you Christmas crowd] were finally ready to check outalong with every other mother, sister, and 2nd cousin in the Des Moines metro area!  At lastwe get to the check out.  Its our turn.  The sweet girl scans, and scans, and scans.  Finally our last item is scanned.  Our total is over $500 [ugh!] We go to pay.  They accept cash, check, debit, and American Express.  Sweet!  Well just debit it.  So we swipe.  The girl tells us it did work.  We swipe again.  This time it sayscall bank.  Weird!?  I know we have money in the account, so we call the bank.  They inform us that we have a limit and she could only raise this to $500 for the day.  Well that wasnt quite enough since we got gas, lunch, and stuff at Petsmart with our debit card before coming to Costco.  Sowith everyone waiting in the line behind us I was forced to run [yes, literally!] out of Costco to the car and grab my checkbook [thank goodness I had one in there!!!]. 
Lesson learnedtake both a debit card and checkbook to stores where I plan to make a large purchase. 
PSIm sorry if you were one of the people waiting in line completely frustrated with meno worriesI was frustrated too! :)


  1. That happened to Rusty and I at Lowes one time! At our old house, we were remodeling our bathroom and had like $1000 Lowes trip and luckily we had our check book too! Although I felt like they were looking at us like we had no $ to pay for what we were buying! Grrrr!

  2. Oh no!! I used to work at a bank and they don't tell customers that until they have a problem like you did. It should be something they mention BEFORE hand. Our bank also had a $300 limit at the ATM and people would come in all the time telling us their card didn't work because they were trying to take out more than that. At least you had your checkbook!

  3. My debit card also has a $500 limit. The only reason I know that is because my mom is always super on top of things... otherwise, I'd have no idea hahaha

    $500 at Costco? Dang, girl! haha

  4. I'm not into Cosco so I can only imagine, but yucky... and I'm with the above, $500 lucky you!



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