Monday, November 8, 2010

Murdock Goes To The Vet..

For the past 6 months or so we have dealt with Murdock licking & scratching himself raw.  It is so sad to watch.  I hate telling him to stop itching [because I can't even to that!] but I hate watching him hurt himself too!  He has lost so much hair!  It breaks my heart!
We've tried.. 
saying no
extra baths
washing everything he comes in contact with
less baths

He's gained weight [now 101 pounds!]
I hate being 'that owner' know..the crazy overprotective person...the one who treats her dog better than some children?! Ya her...but I couldn't take it anymore! to the vet we went [on Saturday]
In a last ditch effort [before allergy testing] he's taking 1 1/2 Claritin each morning, getting bathed twice a week with special shampoo, and special lotion every other day.  

PRAY this works!  I'm tired of seeing him like this & I really don't know that I could give him shots! :( 


  1. Happy thoughts to the pooch! Nothing but positive vibes coming your way!

  2. Hope it works. Poor puppy. :/

  3. The shots really do work!! Though it breaks your heart to stick him with a needle, its a lot less painful than all the raw paws, neck, etc. Bad thing is... they cost a FORTUNE! Praying Murdock improves and can't wait for him to come play with his cousin this weekend!! :)

  4. Poor Murdoch. Hope they figure it out...

  5. Poor baby!!! I know he must be irritated and frustrated!!! You are such a good doggy Mamma :o)

    I love how pretty he looks sitting....his ears down like that, that is where the expression puppy eyes came from!!

  6. Poor Murdock! Saying a prayer...


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