Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Help Me Choose!

We all know my love of Shutterfly Photobooks runs DEEP.  I have officially given up on 'scrapbooking' anymore.  Too time consuming.  I always have good intentions, infortunately they never get executed!  So...my new strategy?  Upload my photos to the website, click the button that automatically created the photo book, do a bit of editing & personalizing, and voila!  Take it to the cart and checkout.  Easy peasy!  Especially when they email with a 15%, 30%, or even 50% off photo book discount! 

I think the next thing I'm going to try is there canvas.  I'm just in love with them.  Perfect gift idea!

Last year [and the year before] I ordered my Christmas Photo Cards through Shutterfly and they have done it again this year...
They are hosting a promotion right now... if you blog about your favorite Holiday card, they will give you 50 free ones!

And of course...I can not choose...I'm thinking this one may be my favorite!
So...please help me by leaving a comment with the card you think we should use for our Holiday Cards this year.
Can you do that for me?!  please?  THANKS!






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  1. It is so hard to choose. I like the last one. I love the black with the snowflakes

  2. Number 5!! The snowflakes are so cute, and the black background sets it apart from the rest.

  3. I must say I like #5 too... Super cute and I can so picture you guys on it ;o)

  4. There is just somethings about #5 that is just breathtaking.

    Oh, and Go Hawks;)

  5. #1 is my favorite just because I can see you, hubby and Murdock on it in different pictures :) #3 is cute too because you could have 3 separate pictures of you guys and then one together :o)

    Hope that helps! Have a great Wednesday!

  6. Number ONE is my favorite and number FIVE is a close second :)

  7. #2 or #5! :) I was just looking at these Monday night! :) And I liked #5, so I just won't use that one! :) ha!

  8. If you haven't chosen already - I like 1, 3 & 5!!


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