Monday, October 4, 2010

Adam's Birthday Reveal..

[a month ago we started celebrating Adam's 30th Birthday...]

[[Vegas Style]]
So I surprised Adam and took him to Las Vegas for his 30th Birthday.  It was wonderful!  Perfect weather..we could not have asked for a better long weekend!  My parents came and got our pup & brought him home for us...THANK YOU Mom &'re the best!
Where we stayed..The Golden Nugget on Fremont Street
How long stayed..Friday through Monday
Who stayed..Just the 2 of us!
Adam's Favorite Part..'my favorite part was just being able to spend time with my wife without my cell phone going off every 3 minutes!'
Abby's Favorite Part..[what he said...haha!] But really just relaxing by the pool laying out and reading with Adam every morning...okay the mimosas too! :)
Best Show..[Okay it was the only real show we ended up going to but it was phenomenal]  Anthony Cools [hypnotist] ..Soo naughty, but sooo funny!  I laughed nonstop the entire show!!
Worst Part..My little meltdown [exhaustion, starvation, and homesickness set in!] :(  No worries Adam calmed be down and we were back out before I knew it!  
Adam's Favorite Slot..The Price is Right game @ New York New York. He won some moola on this machine too!
Abby Favorite Slot..Sex and the City @ the Golden Nugget, but I preferred playing at the $2 BlackJack table that Fitzgeralds had.
Okay...I could go on and on but I wont!  After we came home we had a [planned] party for Adam.  It was everything he wanted...

[[Band Style]]
He wanted his band to play [check] at his favorite local bar, Jakes [check] with friends and family [check]
We had a phenomenal turnout!  I swear everyone we invited came [but I know they didn't!]

[[Couple Style]]
The actual night of Adam's Birthday I asked him what he wanted to do.  Big surprise...he chose to go to a local casino!  So we was a great night.  I played BINGO for the first time [at a real casino].  It was holy intense!  I was actually nervous! :)  

I'm pretty sure he had a wonderful makes me excited for my 25th next year!  I'm sure I'll get the wedding band we chose not to get before the wedding, or a trip to one of the coasts [hint..hint!]  I love you babe!  :)


  1. So glad you had fun. You two know how to party! :)

  2. Wow...what a BLAST!!! You two are adorable.

  3. Soooo much fun!

    I leave for vegas on Thursday, and now I'm even more excited!

  4. What a GREAT birthday!!!!
    Mine is Thursday.... but it will be super boring...

  5. What a lucky guy! How did you keep this a secret from him!? P.S. I tagged you in something silly if you wanna play along!


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