Friday, July 16, 2010

Pay It Forward..

..or maybe just right place right time?

One week ago tonight Adam & I spent the evening at our local summerfest event.  We met up with friends for some live music and adult beverages [well, for Adam anyways].  A little after midnight we decided to head for home..only to discover that our car wouldn't start.  Long story short the battery was dead.  So, we decided we would walk the 2-3 mile home rather than cut the evening short for any of our friends.  We headed out and sure enough D&C came to our rescue!  They jumped our car and we headed home to deal with the car the following morning.

..Fast forward to this evening..

Our friends T&R [who met up with us last Friday evening at the live music concert] came over for dinner.  About the time we were expecting them, they called.  They were at the gas station up the road with a car that wouldn't start.  Adam went, jumped them, and brought them back to change the battery.  

Don't forget..what comes around, goes around..


  1. Way to pay it forward!!! That's what friends are for :)


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