Friday, July 30, 2010


..My blogger is being messed up so I hope you can read this post?!

..Ashley [my sister] is coming in tonight to stay with us for the weekend...pretty excited about that.  It seems like I haven't seen any of my family for ages! :(

..Finally my turn to read House Rules by Jodi Picoult.  Pretty excited..can't wait to rip into it!

..I haven't responded to any comments since the 27th..not really like me..I guess it is what it is.

..The guy at Banana Republic was a jerk head when I went in today.  On Tuesday I bought 4 tops.  Today I returned 2 [I didn't need them & they were expensive--and my 30% off coupon ended Sunday so I wasn't able to use it] when I was there returning the 2 items, he suggested I keep shopping since the entire store was 30% off.  I then asked if he could price adjust the other two items [to save me $24] he said no.  So I proceeded to return the 2 items I brought back and repurchase the 2 shirts I kept.  Then I asked him to return it.  He said he needed me to return the original item [what does it matter to him, same size.same color.same number?]  So..2 can play your tricky little game Mr. Obviously Doesn't Go Shopping With 3 Children!  I walked out of the store..stalled 3 mintes..walked back and returned the shirts stating that the originals were in my car.  Seriously..$5 is one thing..$24 is another.  I just bought them 2 days ago and I was there anyways.  Why do you insist on making life difficult?!  Grrr!

..Pretty sure after reading AllisonO's last post I want to tackle a similar project with my sister this weekend!

..13 people linked up for Just Thursday last week and 11 this week--pretty exciting!  :)  Does anyone have a question they want to add..or take out?  I had a good one last night but of course cannot remember it today!

..I'm exhausted this week..physically & ready for a weekend.

..Iowa weather is so stinkin' unpredictable!  The joke about 'if you don't like Iowa weather just wait 5 minutes & it'll change' is so true today.  Woke up to darkness, then rain, then a breeze, shut the air off, then sunshine & muggyness, turned air back on, back to darkness & storms, got smart this time though & left the air on, no worries..back to sunshine now!


  1. They say the same thing about Ohio weather. :)

    Hope you're feeling rejuvenated soon.

    I hate when stores act like that. SOOOO stupid!

  2. I loved the mish annoying about the BR associate. Ignorance really is bliss huh!

    I do not love when the weather changes so quickly that you have to make snap judgements on whether or not to turn the AC on.


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