Monday, July 26, 2010

Goin' Domestic!

It's 9 months post marriage..
I figured it was about time..
To attempt a plant at our place!


  1. Look at you!!! If that was my plant it would be dead in about a week. I swear plants and flowers die just knowing that they are in my house :o(

  2. I have a houseplant and surprisingly it's still alive! Joe doesn't like it and always talks about killing it, but I love having something green in our home! :)

  3. Perfect!
    But you are dressed too cute to be planting stuff ;o)

  4. Oooh it's pretty! I got some hand-painted flower pots from my aunt this week, so I'm gonna be copying you soon!

    In Mexico, they make delicious juice from hibiscus flowers. Just boil in water and strain it out, then add sugar! ( I recently discovered it's great to use in margaritas, too!)

  5. Um you better be careful. If Murdock is anything like my pups they love hibiscus. They have barely bloomed and the dogs have eaten the flower!

  6. Good for you!! It looks absolutely beautiful :)


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