Saturday, June 19, 2010

Recipe:Cheesy Hashbrowns

This is my mom's cheesy hashbrown recipe and it's my favorite.  I make this all the time...especially for's always a hit! 

2 lbs. Frozen Hashbrowns [1 bag]
1/2 c Butter [cube on top]
1 tsp Salt 
1 c Milk
1/2 8oz. Sour Cream
2 c Shredded Cheese
1 can Cr. of Chicken

Mix ingredients together and spread in greased 9x13 pan.  Add bread crumbs.
Bake covered 1 - 1/2 hours @ 350*.  Remove foil for an additional 45 minutes.


  1. I LOVE these! I add onion to them though and don't use bread crumbs. You don't have breadcrumbs in your list of ingredients?

  2. Sounds AMAZING. My mouth is kinda watering right now...

  3. I will so be trying this!!!


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