Monday, June 21, 2010

& Now It Hits Me..

Like A Ton Of Bricks..

In less than 30 days I will wake up and be jobless!  
Right now I am freaking the heck out! just thankful to have the extensive warning that I do, however I don't think I realized that I am now joining the almost 15 million other Americans looking for a job in this recession.  Yes..we will be able to live without me working but No..we will not be able to do it without making some sacrifices.  We were with one 1 income for a brief time in 2006 and it defiantly made our relationship stronger, however I don't really want to go through it again.  I don't want to be stronger right now..I just want to be the same! :)  
So what will I do?  I have no clue at this point.  I would love to nanny again, however I don't know that I would be able to find a family willing to offer me what I make now.  I could substitute teach [I loved that] but I don't really like having to call in each morning at 5am to find out which school I'm going to.  So what will I most likely do?  Attempt to find another sales or marketing job with a structure, reliability, & benefits.  Easier said than done at this point..


  1. oh no .... how come they don't need you anymore?!? so sorry!!

  2. I'm so, so sorry. That's what truly stinks about childcare. I'm with you, I do home daycare and I desperately need to find another child, for fall at the latest. I'm starting to get very, very nervous. For me, I can't work and make what I can make doing daycare, there really are no other alternatives, and it's not a choice to not work.

    I wish you all the best. Network, maybe, just maybe, you'll find something in Nannying. Good luck.

  3. Good luck. My husband had left a job with nothing to go several years ago and it was very stressful, but the next opportunity was even better. It's hard in this economy to remain positive, but if you look at this as the next chapter, the new journey, where you are supposed to be and a better opportunity...

  4. I'm so sorry. Losing a job really sucks....but somehow, we all get by and often we even find better opportunities ahead. Good luck!


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