Monday, June 28, 2010

Mishmash! & Weekly Wind-up

Tuesday - Friends came over & brought baby Macie & big sis Kori
Wednesday - Pool day & Girls night!
Thursday - Went to a friends house and enjoyed dinner and an intense game of bags
Friday - Pool day & Cleaned house like crazy
Saturday - DJ'd a wedding..with NO AIR..
Sunday - Pool day & fought with new purchase

..I created 1 of the 2 photo books that I need to do
..I'm hosting a giveaway for an ::awesome:: product this week
..I haven't ran for a week!! :(
..I'm contemplating getting  a new blog design..thoughts?
..I like odd numbers so I was really trying to think of a useful 5th comment..but I can't so..peace out!


  1. Sounds like a busy (and HOT) week and weekend. Can't wait to hear about this week!


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