Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just Thursday!

Outside my window.. HUGE thunderstorm going on

The time is.. 7:43am
Today I feel.. ready to rock
I am thinking.. today will be fun with just the older kids
At the moment, I am thankful.. I got my run in before the rain hit
I am going.. to run 3 miles tonight
I am wearing.. workout shorts & and a cut off that I ran in 
I wish.. we owned a house! :/
I am reading.. Shopaholic & Sister
I am working on.. drinking more water each day!
I am hoping.. 7 people to link up today! :)
I am hearing.. the storm outside
Around the house.. it's picked up but dirty if you know what I mean..
I bet you didn't know.. the twins are in Minnesota with their mom & grandpa at a Twins baseball game today
One of my favorite.. alcoholic drinks is Hypnotic & Pineapple...mmm!

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Have a great Thursday everyone!


  1. I love thunderstorms and miss them so much!!! Have a great Thursday and I hope you make it to 7 links today :o)

  2. Hun, I just read your comment on your run on the dailymile. Have you heard about burn out? I know you started off really hot and fast and trying to do lots of miles. That might be your problem. I did 1.5 miles max for a few weeks, then bumped it up some, and slowly bumped up in increments from there. I'm still only at 4.5 miles nonstop so far and I have been consistently (4-5 times a week) running for about a month and a half. I think you will have a lot more success by doing a slow build up and by celebrating the small victories... Specifically for me a small victory was getting under 11 minute pace! Some of my beginning runs I was doing 1.5 miles with 11:26 pace and just yesterday I did 4.5 miles with 10:48 pace. Not a huge improvement, but its amazing that I not only more than doubled the distance but slashed my pace by more than 30 seconds per mile. But anyway, I will step down off my soap box for now. That's just my two cents for the day :)

  3. I also saw that you already ran once today and you plan on running again tonight?? I think that could be adding to your burn out. You are definitely overdoing it hun! I know how much you can just want to jump in and go nuts, but you need to pace yourself! Sorry to be a pest again, but just trying to be helpful...

  4. That is some dedication to running for sure.
    I need to drink more water too, and less coffee :o)


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