Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just Thursday & Random Ramblings & Big Thanks!

HUGE Thanks..
For all of your prayers!  They sure worked!  His surgery, originally scheduled for 4:30, started at 7:30pm last night and was complete by 8:15.  The surgeon said my dad's heard looked better than it did two years ago!  He scrapped out an artery and didn't even put a stint in!  He did switch is medications, as he said my dad has been experiencing heart spasms [I forgot the real name].  He was released at 10:30 last night!  The doctor okayed them to leave for Mexico Monday! :)

Random Ramblings..
-My baby sister is DONE with her Freshman year at UNI!  She got all A's and 1 B!  I'm so proud of her!!
-The girls and I are running errands this morning.
-Adam got contacts this week [yay!  no more glasses!]
-Tonight is C night...I'm very excited for a night of relaxation with my hubby!
-The girls got their hair cut yesterday..can't wait to post a photo! :) 

Outside my window..the sun is shinning! :) 
The time is..about 9:30 am
Today I God is looking out for me
I am thinking..about weekend plans...
At the moment, I am thankful..that my dad is going well!
I am get my eyebrows waxed this morning..finally!
I am wearing..gray shirt, jeans, & ballet flats. 
I wish..I was going to Mexico on Monday too! :)
I am reading..blogs & I don't know how she does it by Allison Pearson.  Almost done!
I am working on..becoming healthier
I am take Murdock on a walk tonight
I am hearing..the girls 'reading'
Around the house..library books are scattered everywhere!
I bet you didn't know..Today is my nieces Birthday!!
One of my favorite..this is a CLEAN CAR :)

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Have a great day Everyone!


  1. Sounds like you have much to be thankful for today. :) Enjoy your weekend.

  2. So glad that everything with your Dad turned out so well! That is great that his heart is looking better than before! So happy for you and your family!

  3. Isn't it crazy how they can do such intricate work like scraping out an artery!? I'm glad your dad is doing well!

  4. I'm glad your dad's surgery went well. Hope you have an enjoyable relaxing night tonight!

  5. Wonderful news on your dad!! YAY! God is soo good!! I wish I was going to mexico monday too ;) Do you think they could stash us in their suitcase? LOL

    Enjoy your night with your hubby girlie and once again so glad everything worked out wonderfully!!

  6. I'm so glad your dad is doing well. Thank God.

    I joined in on your Thursday fun!

  7. So glad to hear about your dad!

    I also joined in at

  8. Hello! Stopping by a bit late to say thanks for tagging along this week at the Tuesday Tag-Along blog hop! I'm a follower of your blog! :)


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