Monday, May 3, 2010

Journal Entry : 03.May.2010

I'm super tired & exhausted today.  Physically & emotionally.

Thursday we got our new car & had a lated dinner.  I went to bed around 10:30.  Friday I woke a little after 4am and worked.  After work I ran a few errands & Adam invited 4 other friends over for appetizers & drinks.  They left about 1:30am.  Murdock woke me at 8 [attempted a 6 and I finally gave in at 8].  I cleaned, did laundry, & hung out with him until Ashley & her friend arrived about 10:30.  Oh ya...Adam made me breakfast in there too.  Us three girls went to the mall for the day.  I got a couple new car air fresheners, 2 bottles of hand soap, and a pair of jean shorts for this summer.  I also returned a couple of things to Kohls.  We came home & got ready for Adam's show.  His band played from 9pm-1:30am.  I was the DD so I drove everyone home & got to bed about 2:30am.  Murdock woke me again early Sunday but I insisted Adam take him out.  We got up about 9am and Adam made breakfast for everyone.  The girls took off for home about 11 and we got ready for our Nieces Dance recital.  We left for monte about 12:30 and got home about 5.  A friend of Adams came over to grill & hang out.  At 10 I went to bed.  I think Adam fell asleep and he friend let himself out [nice, huh?!]

Friday I got a mole burned off [my nose].  Since it's my first I don't know what to expect or what is 'normal'  It has turned really dark but has not gotten any smaller.  I don't know how long the healing process is but I'm stating to wish I would have just had him cut it off.  I know it shouldn't matter but it is embarrassing to walk around looking like I have a huge scab from a zit or something on my nose.  

I haven't ran in over a month now.  I'm frustrated with myself.  I didn't tan at all last week..which really isn't a big deal other than the fact..I pay for it.  Since I'm bringing up paying for things we don't use.  I paid for a year of Farrell's and haven't went in months.  Adam pays $27/month to a gym he doesn't use..not much...but it has automatically been coming out of our account & he has only used it 2 or 3 times in the last 30 months...pretty stupid, huh?

Our insurance man has not returned my phone call from last Wednesday yet.  I really need to get our insurance switched from the Grand Prix to the Santa Fe.  Slightly irritating.  I know [or at least I think!] that the coverage is okay for 30 days after then switch.  Hope so!

My parents leave for Mexico a week from today.  I'm happy for them..a little jealous too.  I'm nervous that I wont be able to see my mom for Mother's Day because we'll be in Monte for our nieces birthday party.  

I'm kinda getting into my book now.  
I have lots of photos upload.  
Mallory got her stitches out today.  The cut looks pretty good.

I'm going to watch 5 kids again tomorrow instead of 4.  The neighbor boy [a friend of Carters] is going to come over @ 11:30.  His mom has an appointment in the afternoon.  Carter will be happy & me too...they play really well together.
The kids have TONS of May Day baskets on the counter.  They were pretty excited that we made some to deliver Friday.

I wrote this in detail in my last post but i thought I lost my iTouch all weekend...thank goodness I found it.

I'm thrilled to have over 150 blog friends I got my first male follower I think.  Pretty exciting! :)

There are so many posts I still want to write.
'budgets'..many recipes..update on 23 before 24..update on new years resolutions..husbands thoughts on blogging..thoughts on doing reviews for CSN and such..............

I know I have more stuff on my mind but that is all I can think of right now & I hear the girls so I'll chat later!



  1. Thats annoying about ur insurance guy, I would be PIIIIISSED!

  2. Holy Cow! I thought I was busy! But you take the cake!!!

    have a good day!

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  4. I'm following you from Tuesday Tag Along!
    You have a fun blog!
    Stop by and visit if you get a chance.


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