Tuesday, May 11, 2010

::Crossing Off The List::

Remember this post?  We'll here is my update to date.  The ones crossed off are completed & bolded are in progress, others I have not yet started.  Many of you asked when my birthday is [when I would like to have this list all crossed off!] it's August 15th!

22 Before 23
23 Before 24

1.  Run every day for a month
2.  Try 3 new foods [Blueberries & PB Pie]
3.  Take a picnic
4.  Donate a bunch of stuff to a charity
5.  Buy necessities only for a month [Started May 1st]
6.  Go 15 days without watching a movie
7.  Take Murdock on 20 walks
8.  Cook Adam a nice dinner unexpected one night
9.  Stay up past 9pm more [I don't remember the last time I was in bed by 9pm!]
10.  Go 1 week without eating any chocolate
11.  Meet 3 new people [Eric, Amy]
12.  Read 5 books [I Don't Know How She Does It]
13.  Go golfing
14.  Wear contacts for 17 days [no glasses]
15.  Run a 5k
16.  Go 15 days without eating potatoes
17.  Take a 5 day computer break
18.  Plan my parents 25th Anniversary
19.  Go 5 weeks without eating a donut
20.  Take the kids to the zoo
21.  Go fishing
22.  Take Murdock to a dog park
23.  Do an ab workout 2 times a week for a month

6 out of 23..YIKES!


  1. The thing I have found with lists like this is that it clarifies for me what's truly important to me and what's not. If the same items keeps showing up over and over and I just never accomplish it, maybe it isn't that important to me to accomplish it.

    Besides, your glasses are adorable. ;)

  2. Wow this is a lot to do! I love doggie parks. We took lealu this past weekend and she played so well with another black lab, he was her age, 2, and it was adorable:) I definetly recommend it!

  3. This is a great list! My birthday is coming up, and I'm inspired to do a similar list for the coming year. Thanks for the idea!


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