Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday [Weather] & ..Randomness..

Wordless Wednesday..

This is the weather we have been experiencing!

..We have not been able to play outside all week!  :(
..Tonight we're having friends over for dinner so that will be fun!

..I have not run since LAST Thursday!  Err! 

..We're excited that our friends Jen & Brandon have decided to get married!  We can't wait to join them for their wedding in the Bahamas next May!  [I only wish we didn't have to wait that long! :]
..Carter is off playing with a friend and the girls are sleeping so I'm just relaxing and watching it rain..very peaceful!
..My hair is finally long enough to put in a ponytail!
[UPDATE: Ask & you shall receive--Shelby!]

..I'll be announcing my giveaway [a few of my favorite things] in the next few days..Stay Tuned.. 

What is your weather today?!


  1. I am in Mass and its soooo hot...I think I drove by something saying it was 88 degrees. We should not have this weather yet haha, not complaining though!

    Boo to your weather, I hope it clears up!

  2. yikes!
    i woke up to snow on my lawn yesterday morning, but by bed time i was surrounded by palm trees. looking at high 70's and low 80's for the rest of the week. i might not want to go home. it's supposed to rain the day after we get home :( boo.

  3. 75 and sunshine! Can't get much better!! :)

  4. I'm in Texas, it's 75 and we're about to get a big thunderstorm!

    Bahamas, how fun! Can't wait to see pics, next yr of course!

  5. Yay for ponytails! I miss mine! Are you letting your hair grow out?

  6. Our weather have completely swtiched places, it is sunny & nice. I am going to go work out after work & hopefully hit the gym before work tomorrow. We'll see how that works out. J is off work all week, so I have thee car. Yay! :) I am going to tan also. :)

    Soo, when do we get to see pictures of this ponytail that you are now able to rock?!? :) Congrats. I remember when I cut all my hair off and then was finally able to wear it up. Made me happppy.

  7. Bright, sunny, HOT. Its crazy weather here for April! I'm sorry its been yucky where you are!

  8. That weather looks yucky. I hate to tell ya that we've had near 80 degree weather and sunny this week! I think we're getting rain tonight and tomorrow though:(

  9. Whow!! We so did not get that hail! Crazy. That's a super cute bathroom! haha Also, I always loved when my hair finally grew enough to get it into a ponytail!

  10. Ours isn't quite to the point of hail, but it's raining hard enough to hydroplane on the way home, my parking lot is flooded, and they're calling for snow tonight.


  11. 70 and overcast all day. Started raining tonight, then the tornado warnings kicked in. People I nanny for moved her from Mass. last July and thought tornado warnings were a joke. I just looked at them and said, "Um no, tornadoes don't care who you are, they'll take out anything and everything. Go to the basement." They have also never seen thunderstorms like we get in the Midwest, so needless to say it's been an educational day for them ;)

    But the rest of the week has been GORGEOUS. Yesterday it was sunny and 85!

  12. Is that snow??? We have been getting gorgeous weather in Minnesota, so that is puzzling since you are south of us!! It'll be over soon. This mid-west weather is so unpredictable this time of year!


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