Monday, April 26, 2010

vlog...attempt 2! laughing!  This is my first vlog.  Like most others...I don't think this is really my voice & I swear I don't bulge my eyeballs like a frog when I talk IRL [I don't think! :]  Please let me know if you can view this one...Thanks!  Abby


  1. YAY it works now!! You're adorable!! And your eyes are so bright and pretty!!! Hope you're having a great afternoon!

    (so many explanation points.. i am apparantly super duper excited about all this) HA :)

  2. YAY!! It works! You are adorable...have a great voice...and I can't help it, but I laughed my arse off at your "bulging eyes like a frog" comment!!! You have pretty eyes. :)

    I'm following you. xoxox

  3. I think its working! Yeah for Vlogging! Thanks for stopping by my blog I am now following you too!
    Great to meet ya!

  4. I t is working! You are so gorgeous!
    Thank you for stopping by!

  5. I watched 50 seconds of the vlog but it wouldn't load the rest....i think its my comp tho...I love it ....this is so fun!

  6. Awe, yay it works.! You are a great vlogger.! No worries girl.!

  7. Loved your vlog!! How fun! Girl you have such pretty eyes. I wish mine were that blue!

    Have a great day

  8. Yay, it works!! I'm sure I would hate the way my voice sounded, so I'm pretty sure I won't be doing one in the future, but yours was great!

  9. Cute! I like your voice:) I'm so not daring enough to post a vlog! Good for you for doing it!


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