Monday, March 8, 2010

Date Night #4--Out to Breakfast

Date #4


it was a flop! :(

 We tossed a few ideas around
..Ankeny Cafe
..Ankeny Diner
..IHOP [Adam's #1]
..Panera [my #1]
..Village Inn

We decided to keep it local & go to the Ankeny Diner.  I wont even try to make this date sound was just gross!  We waited & waited & waited to be seated.  The place was dirty.  Our waitress looked like she hadn't showered for about 5 1/2 days.  The family of 3 sitting behind us were hacking & gagging the entire time!  And to top it off the food just wasn't good.  We both felt like we had to shower after we left.  Bummmer!
The only thing good was getting away for an hour with my hubby.  I did enjoy his company!  We chatted a lot about what the weekend would entail with our guests and about the week.  It was great.  

Date #5 will an Italian Dinner together @ home! I heart Italian food so I can't wait to find a great recipe & make it together.  Although I'm not exactly sure when we're going to hold our date as we have a busy week.. tomorrow going to a friends for dinner..Wednesday having different friends over for dinner..Thursday going to yet another friends house for the evening and my family is coming and staying with us all weekend! :):):) 

Did anyone else go on a date this weekend?  Have you been on a date in the past that just flopped no matter how much fun you tried to make it?!  What does your upcoming week hold?


  1. What an awesome idea to make date nights!!! I seriously need to do that with my hubs, things get so busy all the time. Maybe we'll make one for this weekend...The diner sounds so cute! even though with weird people and a waitress who doesn't shower! lol. That kinda makes it more memorable! :) thanks for stopping by and entering in the rachel ray teapot giveaway!

  2. We hardly ever have date nights which is awful but I think about them all the time...

    I have the heebie jeebies from your experience this weekend! Yuck!

  3. I've been wanting to start date nights for a while, but it's a little harder when you have to get a sitter, and blah blah...
    Sorry the restaurant was lame. I probably would've left if all that was going on around me. Yikes.

    Also, I want to say thanks for all the comments you have left on my blog :) Sorry I never comment on yours, but I don't have internet at home (I'm at my sister's today), except on my phone, and it doesn't let me comment on your blog :P

  4. Yay for date number 4! ...except for the lady that hasn't showered, gross food and sick family. You guys sound really busy this week! All we have to do this weekend is go to our sons t-ball game. SIL is coming over with her family. That's it. Have fun with your family this weekend!

  5. My hubby and I have a go-to Mexican restaurant that we love love love. We went this past weekend and I guess when AJ said, "Non" they thought we wanted to sit in the smoking section? The people in the booth behind us were chain smoking WHILE eating - I mean, I like to TASTE my food, but that's just me. Next time I think we'll learn how to say "No smoking" in Spanish!


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