Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Resolutions Revisited...

Well we're 1/6 of the way through 2010 now...can you believe that?!  It's been great to us so far... lots of fun times and relaxation!  I think it's time to grade myself on the progress of my 2010 resolutions...what do you say?

1- Start a Blog -- A-A
-->I started it, been pretty consistent, and got 25 followers!  More than I could have imagined...heck I give myself an A+ [might be my only one!]
-->Still holding strong..working toward 75 followers.  I would say I'm doing pretty good!

2- Maintain 115 lbs [well the last 2 weeks haven't done be I have to HIT 115 first!] -- D-C
-->I have sucked at proportions this month and am still around the 120 lb. mark :(  Spring will be better...right?
-->I'm still around 120 but my jeans are getting looser again.  I feel like I'm toning up a bit.  I'm exciting for warmer weather.  My goal this spring is to do some kind of excercise [walk--run--bike--kickboxing] at least 5 times a week.  Should be very attainable once this darn snow/ice finally melts!

3- Enjoy our 1st year of marriage to the on relaxing and improving myself and our relationship each day! -- B-A
-->I really think I have improved in this area.  I'm learning to not let the small things bother me & we have had a ton of fun!  So far we've had several nights with friends [games & dinners], took the nieces & nephews to Omaha, and went skiing a couple of times.  I still have areas to improve on, but am very happy so far!
-->We're doing great!  We started Date Nights each week..we're only on week 3 and have already connect so much more!  We always spend a lot of time together I just feel like it's more 'quality' now & we make sure it's just the two of us.  We both like 'groups' of people so I felt like our time wasn't really one-on-one much before.

4- Work out 5 days per week... Consistently -- D-C
-->I have been terrible!!!  I averaged 2 days a week this month :(  Revised Goal...3 times a week in February.  This will be more attainable before the weather gets nice...then 5 days a week!
-->For my February Goal I get a C..The last two weeks I have worked out 3 times a week but the first 2 weren't so successful!  I finally found a workout schedule that works better for that has helped!  Oh..and I only let myself tan on the days I workout..that helps too! :)

5- Buy a house -- C-D
-->I give us a C only because we're actually talking about this and glancing at a few different options.  The Ball is rolling at least...
-->I think I have to get a J-O-B to get the house we want without getting in over our heads..:(

6- Grow my hair out -- B-B
-->I'm hanging in there!  I did get a had been almost 4 months! Still working on it and haven't changed my mind yet, so that it good!
-->Adam actually mentioned the other day that it was looking longer..that's a little motivation! :)

7- Find a nice church and go on a regular basis -- C-F
-->I get a C because I went once...which sounds terrible BUT I only skipped one week.  The other weeks we were out of town or working.  Last week was the only one I was selfish & just didn't go. :(
-->FAIL!  I have just been lazy this month!  It's so hard to go that is no excuse! err! [disappointed in myself!] 

-- Become a business owner -- N/A
-->I'm putting N/A because we have decided to hold off on this and spend the money for other things *cough*a house*cough*  We have decided to reevaluate this in 2011.

8- Run a 5k -- C-C
-->I haven't actually started to run [again weather!] but I did tell my sister that I would run it with I think that is a fair step for icy January and no treadmill.
-->No change...waiting for spring!

9-Spend less money/Save more money! -- B
I'm really proud of us.  We have only been married a couple months and have [almost] no debt.  We still owe on our condo & my student loans but everything else is paid off.  We want to work really hard at saving the extra money instead of squandering it away little by little.  So...Let's see how we do...February is always a tough month for money since it's so short!
-->Well I wont go into much detail since I plan to do a whole post on this soon but we I gave us a B since we have spend less..Not really 'saved more' at this point.  We did pay cash for my tires & a few birthday gifts which would have been in our savings.

Well....A.C.A.C.D.B.F.C.B--The F really hurts..but I'm hoping March & April will be much better!  Sun & warm weather always do wonders for me!  

2010 Date Night Recap
Week 1 - Valentine's Dinner & Dessert
Week 2 - Movie Rental Night @ Home
Week 3 - Skiing @ Seven Oaks in Boone

What about you?!  How are your New Year Resolutions coming?

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