Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me! Monday...

To join the fun head over to MckMama's Blog!  [after reading my NMM of course!] :)

...I would not have been running around to so many different places & appointments on Friday that I would actually forget the poop sample that I collected [yep...scooped it and stored it in Gladware!] earlier in the morning for Murdock's yearly vet appointment...I would never have went to all that work to be prepared ahead of time to throw it away and take a new one in next month...nope...not me!

...I would not let C play with his baseball & football cards for 2 hours today while little M & B were taking a nap so that I could read the first 200 pages in my new book.  Nope...I'm a perfect nanny and I always engage C in educational activities while the girls are napping each afternoon.

...I would not eat the entire loaf of Asiago bread from Panera that my mom brought me Saturday.  I am a mature adult and know that no person needs that much bread in 48 hours...duh!

...It would not take my husband 13 times of begging before I finally gave in and cut his hair tonight.  Afterall, I am the perfect wife and jump at his every request! 

...And lastly I am most certainly not sitting in the office with my feet up [planning not to move from my computer...or book all night] while my husband sits in the living room playing the new xBox game that my mom got him.  Nope...we've only been married 100 days and still act like newlyweds!


  1. I love the haircut part! I cut my husbands hair too. He would like for me to do it every week, but he's lucky if I do it every other week. It's my least favorite thing to do, unless it's nice and then we do it outside.


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