Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What would you do for your Child?

i'm getting ready for bed and [surprisingly] still have a little energy left, so i thought i would write and tell you all about my amazing day. i have intentions of doing this often...if for nothing else than reminding myself how great my life really is. so here is the recap

5:45 Alarm goes off [i obviously hit 'snooze']

5:50 Alarm goes off again [i now decided my bed is really comfortable and i am justifying to myself why i will be skipping kickboxing today]

6:20 Alarm goes off for the third time today [i decide i really should get my booty out of bed & get ready for 'work']

[insert lots of slow, boring motions of my daily getting ready process...]

7:00 Take Murdock out to go potty and this is when i think to myself 'holy crap it's all in the world am i going to get to work?!'

7:15 I head out [thanking my luck stars that i park in a garage and am not pouring hot water onto my car like so many neighbors]

7:25 I am turning my car around after 1 mile because i have currently have very bad tires and they seem to only want to take me sideways instead of forward. [here is where i get mad actually start to cry because i have no control and feel like a failure]

7:45 [After a conversation with my mom and a dear friend] I decide I will not have a bad day. If I am not going to work I might as well make the best of it. is where i loose track of time...

**I knock out TONS of stuff around the house [cleaning out rooms, dusting, vacuuming, dishes, 5 loads of laundry--no i am not behind...i washed the random stuff like pillow covers and rugs.....]

1:50 Our friends come over to spend the 'ice day' with us! YAY! We chat and play cribbage & catch phrase [which the girls won both of!] we make lunch & share wine. It was truly a great day! Before I met Adam [my now hubby] I never would have enjoyed the day like this...I would have been structured and labored [since it was a weekday!] I thank God everyday that I found the half to make me whole!

**moving on here...if you stay with me I promise you'll know why I labeled this post what I did.... :)

5:15 The boys [by boys i mean our husbands] start playing a new xBox game and my friend takes off to a concert

*I decide to [well of course catch up on my daily blog reading...but then] finish my book 'Vanishing Acts' by Jodi Picoult. It was so nice to sit in the office all by myself [well with my puppy of course!] read and finish my wine. If you haven't read this book and you have children I suggest it. she has better books but this one was good. she has a way of making the reader think about everything she writes from every possible angle. all of her books have a heavy topic & end up going to court. the underlying theme of this book...starting off with a father 'kidnapping' his daughter, taking her to the east coast, giving her a new identity, and telling her that her mother died in a car asking you how far you would go in order to protect your own child. J. P. has a way of writing about topics that I feel help you to be less judgmental and at least see the other side.

Anyways...I could go on and on [obviously!] but please let me know what you thought of this book if you have read it or decide to. could also let me know some of your favorite things to do when you play hookie...


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  1. Thanks!! Sounds like you had an awesome Ice Day yesterday! It's 67 degrees or something like that here so no ice for us in the near future!! I haven't read the book yet but I liked My sisters keeper so I may try that one out! WHen I play hookie from work (which is quite often haha) I ususally catch up on my sleep and take long bubble baths and read!


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