Friday, July 7, 2023

The in-between

I kept waiting to post an update, but I'm realizing if I wait until things are 'finished' you may never get the update! ;)  So, I thought I would just share a little of our 'in between' life right now.  

I'm trying so hard to focus on the things I CAN control and give the rest to God, but some days are harder than others!  I feel like we've 'wasted' the summer being in limbo, but it is what it is, I guess.  Hopefully summer 2024 will be less boring for the kids.

We are for sure moving to Florida.  When? I'm not sure!  We're trying to sell the Iowa house.  Trying to secure a long-term rental in Florida. We want to get there before school starts so we need to get the kids registered, but to do that, we need to have an address so they can assign the school.  And in between all that, we have a least 77 things to do.  {I'm keeping a list of all the little stuff which I plan to share; hopefully it will help anyone else out that's planning a cross country move}

Adam is really enjoying his new job.  It's admittedly starting off slower than we all wish, but it will come.  It has allowed him time to house hunt, go fishing, and meet up with friends.

I'm still working as the Finance Director for the City, but so ready to go full time with YourTravelHubb once we move to Florida.  I cannot tell you how exciting this is for me.  I have manifesting this moment for years!  Starting a business has been a bucket list dream since I graduated college with a minor in entrepreneurialism. That, paired with the flexibility to work around the kids schedule is a DREAM!  Not going to lie though, giving up a steady paycheck with great benefits {they currently pay 100% of our family insurance and IPERS for me} is not easy --  especially when your spouse is 100% commission based.  But if we have learned anything since 2020, it's that money doesn't equal happiness and life is too short to be miserable!  So we're giving this all to God and praying for the best!

Jordyn is healing from a rough couple of weeks!  Looking back, we believe it was strep-induced Impetigo, but it was never 100% confirmed.  What we do know is she spent a couple days vomiting and the next 2 weeks with a terrible skin situation.  After multiple trips to the doctor and various ointments and prescriptions, she is 99% better!  Praise the Lord!  Other than that, she's spending her summer with her cousins, watching Dance Moms, and riding the 4-wheeler.  She grew 4 inches this year!

I feel like I never see Cullyn!  He is always playing outside, at a friends house, asking to go to my nieces house to farm with her husband, or on his tablet.  If he is home he is either begging me to pick up one of his friends, or conning me into watching a Spiderman movie with him. ;)  He did tell me I get '2 coupons a day until we move' to use on anything I want! Aww!

From now until the move, you can find me spending all my spare time selling all the things we never even use!  Going from almost 6000 sf to 1500 should be interesting! ;) Pray for us!

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