Monday, September 25, 2023

Minnesota | Fall 2023

A couples weeks ago we met my family in Minneapolis for a long weekend.  It started off with a looong delay at the Tampa airport, but we made it to Minnesota in time sleep Friday evening.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit, grabbed a quick breakfast at the hotel, and walked to US Bank Stadium for a tour.  Everyone {even the 2 PACKERS fans} enjoyed the tour.  It's spendy, but it was a great experience.  Our guide was great!

How cute are my parents?!

After the tour, we stopped in for lunch before heading back to the hotel to watch the
Iowa vs. Iowa State football game.  The Hawks got the W, so we were all happy!
We took the kids to the pool to celebrate! ;)

After the pool, we cleaned up and went to Punch Bowl Social
for dinner and some games 
to celebrate my dad's 60th Birthday!
We had a blast playing bocce ball, even if the food wasn't a 10/10.
And of course, the kids loved the arcade games!

The next morning, we did the same thing, slept in, grabbed breakfast, and headed to the stadium!  This time it was for GAMEDAY!  The Vikings were playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers {our 'new' local team} so that made it a little more fun, even if the game wasn't what we were hoping for!

And just like that it was Monday morning and we were flying back.  It was a quick trip, made even quicker thanks to an eight hour delay, but we were SO thankful for it!  Honestly, we had this arranged before we moved, but it was such a bright spot for us to look forward to when the goodbyes were hurting hardest.  It was just a really FUN weekend with some of our favorites!  I feel super thankful for the core memory with my family.  A highlight for sure!

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