Monday, March 27, 2023

Weekend Happies


A wedding show for Your Travel Hubb, seeing your teacher outside of school, snuggling our newest {great nephew} cousin

Opening day at the local ice cream shop & a bowling/arcade date with my little man

Introducing the kids to Home Improvement, cheering for Iowa in the elite 8 from my bed with the kids and the dog, & gorgeous flowers from my sister's family.

Not pictured favorites from the weekend...
1. Hanging with my bestie and eating her Beef & Noodles {over a bed of mashed potatoes!}
2. Helping at Locally Grown for my sister {@OakAndBerk}
3. Having kids spend the night at our house and watching them bake and play outside  and make TikTok videos
4, My new Hawkeyes Sweatshirt
5. Getting Jordyn's dance photos back! :)

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