Friday, March 31, 2023

Friday Favorites

On a week where I caught the oven on fire and nearly started a fire in the airfryer the very next night, let's focus on some good...

My amazing friends & family!  Since Adam has been in Florida, I have had offers to keep my pets, make me dinner, help shuffle kids, and even clean my house.  This crew sure makes leaving HARD.  They're simply the BEST!

Having the kids sleep with me every night
{I know we're at the tail end of this, so I cherish it!}

Having the best clients on the planet!  
& a growing travel business in general -- so grateful!

Cheering for the lady Hawks!
Final Four party tonight -- let's gooo!

An opening day win for the Cubbies & a warm, sunshiny day yesterday!
{even if we're in tornado warnings today!}

Happy Friday everyone!!

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