Friday, April 7, 2023

Friday Favorites

Remember last week when I shared with you how I caught the oven on fire and nearly started a fire in the airfryer the very next night?  Well between now and then we were hit with a huge storm where part of the neighbor's roof blew off and took part of our deck off.  We're still waiting on the insurance adjuster to come out, so it's put a delay in selling our house.  Also, the rental that Adam has been staying in had the power cut for NON PAYMENT!  I can't make this stuff up you guys!  At this point we can only laugh!  We could write a book of our 2022/2023. ðŸ™ƒ  So, some happies for this week... ðŸĪŠ

Ranger rides from Jordyn in between storms this week.

Celebrating my adorable niece's 5th birthday!
& a great Hawkeyes woman's basketball season this weekend.

My new sunglasses! {only have a screenshot of a story}
I had been eyeing the ones on the right, but they were $65.
I found the ones on the left for less than $13 on Amazon!

Our first goodbye gift.
The sweet neighbor girl {nearly my 2nd daughter} that was at the house when I caught the oven on fire asked her mom to get us a fire extinguisher because 'what if they don't have neighbors like us in the new house and Abby catches the oven on fire again' ðŸ˜­

Last, but certainly not least I'm happy for all the good stuff this weekend!
1. Adam comes home!
2. We get to celebrate Cullyn's birthday {early!}
3. We get to host EASTER with both of our families!! 

Happy Friday everyone!!

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