Thursday, May 11, 2017


A quick update...

{making}  homemade Pomegranate Sugar Lib Scrub for some of the special Mama's in my life

{cooking}  an egg scramble
{drinking}  water

{reading}  Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner {just finished The Couple Next Door} and this article

{wanting}  a new puppy
{looking} at Jordyn make friendship bead bracelets 

{praying}  for peace

{planning}  a trip to IKEA
{giggling}  at the Mother's Day form Cullyn filled out about it {100 years old, black hair, etc.}

{wishing}  I had more time to get caught up on blogging & the kids' photo albums

{enjoying}  having the windows open all the time
{waiting}  for school to be out for the summer

{liking}  how awesome Cullyn's Superhero photoshoot turned out

{wondering}  how Jordyn will do at t-ball
{loving}  Big Little Lies

{hoping} to the Coxsackie virus I have right now goes away soon!

{needing}  to pack, clean, and get ready for a garage sale
{smelling}  cut grass

{editing}  headshots for a local hospital and a 9 month session

{wearing}  jeans and a Gap tee
{noticing}  how long my hair is getting

{knowing}  I need to do about a dozen loads of laundry & clean the house
{thinking} about how I want to redo our deck/landscaping at the lake house
{feeling}  so excited to have our soffit & facia done -- mainly the new lights they added to it

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  1. This post reminded me that I am due for one similar!! Thanks friend!! That lip scrub sounds yummy!! I bought a bubble gum one from lush, but haven't tried it yet!! Can't wait to see the house updates!!


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