Friday, February 24, 2017


Better late than's our Valentine's Day in photos.  We made these Valentine's for the kids' daycare friends {same ones we took to the Friendship Party}.  I wish I had printed cute labels and had valentine-ish spoons, but we had just returned from St. Lucia and decided to work with what we had on hand.  Good news...none of the kids complained!

We made these for Cullyn's preschool friends {thanks to the help of auntie}

Speaking of...Adam and I were gone when the kids' Valentine boxes were due for school and the kids were staying with Ashley & Myles, so they helped the kids make their boxes.  Um yeah, we've decided to make that an annual date with their auntie!  They turned out amazing!!

Jordyn's school doesn't allow food of any kind, so she decided to make these since she's big into Tic Tac Toe these days.  I printed the cards up and she did the rest...easy peasy!  PS...who knew tic taco were so dang expensive, even on Amazon?!  Between neighbor friends, school friends {27!} and dance friends, we spent a small fortune!

Valentine's night was a Tuesday night, so we had a small window between school/daycare pickup and dinner, before dance that I like the kids quickly open their goodies from us, school, & daycare.  Cullyn's highlight - all the food.  Jordyn's favorite - a new sports bra. ;)  

And the week before Valentine's, my parents were in town and brought he kids little candy necklace kits to make, and eat.  They LOVED them! :)

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