Tuesday, December 27, 2016

North Pole Party 2016

A week before Christmas, we threw our 2nd Annual North Pole Party for the kids'.  This year, it was in Ankeny, so we ended up having more people.  We invited a few daycare friends, dance friends, and the neighbor girls.  It was a Sunday afternoon which was perfect.  We spent the morning making snacks and preparing for the party.  The day before we got a little snow, so the ground was covered.  Unfortunately, it was just too cold to be outside, so building a snowman was out of the question.  Each of the kids made reindeer food, wrote a letter to Santa, decorated a cookie for the tree, listened to Adam read 'Santa is coming to Iowa' and enjoyed snacks and hot cocoa. It was the perfect afternoon!  Always my favorite holiday party of the season.  :)

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