Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Soccer | Fall 2016

The kids both tried soccer for the first time this fall.  We got them on the same team, which was a lifesaver! {bonus of having kids just 18 months apart!} If was Friday nights at 5:30 {ugh!} and of the six weeks, we only made four {traveling} and were late for at least half of those, we forgot a waterbottle three times, twice we forgot at least one soccer ball, one week we even lost a soccer sock somewhere betweek the house and the field.  Cheers to 15 more years of running around like this! ;)

Jordyn liked soccer and did well given her age.  She is an amazing runner, just not very aggressive {which is okay!}  We were super proud of her!  We saw so much growth in her {skills, but even playing as a team, getting comfortable with a coach, etc.} from the beginning to the end.  She even ran the ball back and scored a goal in the last game!

Taking Cullyn to soccer each week was a different story!  The boy has mad dribbling skills {soccer, not basketball!} but flat out refuses to play with others {insert wide-eyed emoji here!} Week after week I would bribe, threaten, beg him to go on the field with the others, but it didn't work.  #StubbornAsAMule He spent 6 weeks running the ball up and down the sideline by himself. :( Let's just say he was probably on the field less than 15 minutes all season.  I know he's young, but I'm a little afraid of just how strong-willed this boy can be.  I will not force my kids to play soccer {I don't even love the sport} but I would love to know why he refused to play soccer since he loves playing it as a family.

As for the Rush soccer program in Ankeny this year, it was absolutely perfect for 3 & 4 year olds!  They spent 15 minutes doing drills with competitive high school kids, 15 minutes scrimmaging, followed by 15 minutes of drills/games.  All of the coaches were so helpful, kind, and fun!  There were hundreds of kids, but they ran it like a well oiled machine.  I was very impressed! 


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