Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jordyn's Christmas Dance Recital | 2015

Last Tuesday night Jordyn had her first Dance Recital.  It started off with many tears as we left her with her group and took a seat for the program, so I mentally prepared myself that she may not even go out to dance, but much to my surprise, she walked out with her group and started saying 'there's my mama' several times. The entire crowd was laughing. She did okay on her ballet routine, but she did great on her tap dance.  Unfortunately, the program was held in a ballroom at a local hotel and the lighting was really dim, so I couldn't get any decent video. :(  But trust me, she was absolutely adorable out there! ;)  I can't wait for her full recital in the spring! :) 


  1. These pictures are precious!

  2. Oh this is just too cute!! I can't wait until we can do these things with our little girl.


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