Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i did catch up! i did it!

..I successfully lasted 5 days without blogging! :)  Cross that off the list! Friday was busy so I didn't get around to it and like most other weekends I wasn't able to blog Saturday or Sunday.  I figured I was 3/5ths of the way there so I might as well go 2 more!  I'll admit Monday & Tuesday were rough.  There were so many times I wanted to blog about something.  I think [and my hubby knows!] that I'm slightly addicted to this blogging stuff!  

..Since I mentioned hubby...he finally read my blog yesterday! :):):)  Although he didn't say much...I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad.  Nevertheless..I'm happy about it.  His only comment was...I read it-the video of you walking around in the background in your leopard undies was pretty weird..nice hun...I know what's on my blog & that isn't it! :)

.Friday we kept it low key.  Adam grilled for me and a few of our friends.  Saturday we went to the wedding which was a great time..I'm so excited for them! :)  Sunday we slept in and then went to Jen's graduation party [she was the one & only roommate I ever had...she lived with me shortly after I moved to Des Moines].  That night my sister and 3 of her friends came over for dinner [a FEAST!] Adam made Shrimp for an appetizer.  Pork chops & Italian Chicken Breasts along with Potato Packets & Veggie skewers YUM!!!.  I made Better Than S3x Cake...MMM!  
Steve & Tierra's Wedding
Jen's Graduation
Alicia & I
[Part of] Supper!  mmm!
..If you missed my post here please add to the list of things you would like to see photos of.  I'll probably post everything next week.  And Jen...I'll even do your photo request! :)  

..I missed Not Me! Monday so here it is...It was not me who had 2 pieces of Better Than S3x cake & a bottle glass of wine..while reading my book in the bathtub Monday night because I was feeling sorry for myself after the tiff Adam & I got into...nope!...not me!...I'm much more mature than that!

..We had Alphabet night last week...letter D.  Check it out here!  *Also...I think I'm going to start adding the recipes to these posts so I can go back to them if we want to make them again.  I'll end up with an alphabet recipe box on here! :)

..Last night Adam surprised me with King Crab Legs & Steak with potatoes for dinner...MMM!  [I think he was secretly trying to make me feel bad for being mad at him the night worked!  What can I say...he knows me!]

..If you're still reading all of this I'm amazed...thanks for being such a dedicated reader! :)

..I got a  new sunhat to wear when I read outside..great purchase...I LOVE it! :)

..Oh..the hammock..Mackenzie & I put that bad boy up ourselves Thursday after school!

..I think we're going to have our E supper tonight!

..Friday Carter & I made a Vanilla Cake & topped it with whip cream & strawberries!  It was a hit at the B house! :)
..You'll never believe what Benny did in the bathtub this morning...guesses anyone?  Maybe a little gift to the first person to email me with the right answer!  

..Friday night I'm going on a little girls night...should be's been a while! 

..In my 5 day blogging break I did manage to finish True Colors by Kristin Hannah and almost finish Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella.  A couple more books to add to my list! :)

..I'll call it a day...thanks for hanging with me...I'll post something more fun next! :)

..My mom & Sister[s] might come see me this weekend! :)

**No photos are this point I was just happen to get them documented!**



  1. You have been busy busy! I am really jealous of the crab legs! Yummy! You look so cute in all of your pics!

  2. WOW!!! You had a crazy 5 days!! I loved all the pictures and read all the way to the end :o) The pictures did it for me LOL. The food looked so yummy and made me kinda hungry!

  3. I love king crab! :) My boy surprised me with it a few weeks ago too and I'm clueless with crab legs so he had to show me how to eat it. o.O
    I missed your blog!

  4. Wow, I can't believe you did 5 days away form blogging, willingly. I am proud.! You look great and I am actually on the look out for a big sun hat, you know the straw kinda hats. I don't know if they're straw but I hope you know what I am talking about. Yours looks wonderful! Anyway, I am glad you are back.!

  5. I take 5 day breaks from blogging a lot, probably way too much for this people to continue to ever want to read me, but sometimes, I've just got nothin' to write.

    That cake with strawberries and cream looks so stinkin' yummy - I'm going to have to go shopping.

  6. I enjoyed Shopaholic. Did you? I went on to read the rest of the Shopaholic series. I really liked seeing the European culture thorugh the books. :) Glad you're back to the blogging world!

  7. Congrats on going 5 days!! We missed youuuu!

    Did he poop in the bathtub?!?! haha

    I love the shopaholic series, and Sophie Kinsella in general!

    Welcome back!

  8. I have to agree with Shelby - my guess was leaving you a not-so-bathtub-worthy present!!

    And I was totally wondering where you had gone!! I almost sent you an e-mail to make sure nothing tragic had happened!! I'm glad I didn't, because I definitely would've felt like an idiot!! :-)

    Glad you're back!


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