Monday, May 31, 2010

First Memorial Weekend as a Mrs.

*Disclosure: This post may sound like I don't remember what this holiday is all about but we sure do...BIG THANKS to all of you who make/have made this holiday possible...I could not do what you have done...

Murdock gets sick in the middle of night..continues to be sick for the next 24 hours causing us to stay home and sit outside all night [that goodness it was amazing weather!]  More to come on his sickness later..


Wake up and help some great friends move until noon..clean up and go celebrate a graduation for a dear friends daughter..head home to grab Murdock & go celebrate a good friends birthday on the patio & watch the UFC fights [::disappointing/waste of money::] [insert:skip friends summer deck bash & feel like a bad friend here]
Birthday Girl!
UFC Fights from the deck!


Wake up and head to good friends house to party at the pool all day & night..spend the night [insert:skip another friends birthday party & feel selfish here]
Partying [w/ Pam]!

Wake up and hang out at the pool all day again  [insert:skip cousin's college graduation party & friends BBQ to continue enjoying the pool & feel like a really bad person here]
Reading & Relaxing [w/ the breakfast of a champion..Mimosas!]

Getting our Tan on!

All in all..we spent a lot of time relaxing & hanging out with friends in PERFECT weather this weekend.  Some guilt thrown in but we had a great weekend that we really needed!

Tomorrow:My baby sis turns 19 [insert:HOLY CRAP here]

I hope you all had a fun & safe Memorial Weekend!


  1. That sounds fabulous. (p.s. I turn 19 on thursday.. so close.!!)

  2. sounds like a wonderful weekend! ugh...i want to go swimming so badly!

    and what is it with these younger siblings growing up?! who do they think they are?! ;)

  3. Jealous of the pool action!!! Sounds like you did exactly what you wanted and had a great time doing it...don't feel guilty!!

  4. What a fabulous weekend!!! Oh to lay by the pool and sip mimosas....sigh.

    We used to have UFC parties at our house. That went bye-bye after we had kids and just couldn't stay awake long enough LOL.


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