Friday, December 9, 2022

Friday Favorites

Whew!  Friday feels GOOD!  Especially in December when weekends are filled with alll the fun holiday things!  My baby sister comes home from South Carolina this weekend!!!

My new bracelet stacker made by Jordyn!
I've had an influx of last minute winter getaways and Spring breaks this week,
but summer vacations are starting!!!   And a couple of destination weddings! :)

Cullyn is loving puzzles as much as me.
This is the one we did this week.

Ice Skating with the kids was definitely a highlight!
And family dinner afterwards at the Exhile Snowglobe event was excellent. J ordered cookies and milk for dinner -- haha!  And cocoa of course. Adam and I got festive cocktails.

The cutest Christmas Market, boutique shopping, and then lighted Christmas parade with Jordyn, my sister, and my niece!

Happy Friday everyone!!

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