Friday, November 11, 2022

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY! Last week I felt like I was in beast-mode {after being sick the week before} getting alll the little things checked off my to do list {relink the video doorbell to my phone, install the remote garage door opener, running errands, etc.} but this week has been more like sloth-mode {for the record, time change is not helping!}  So, I'm sharing a few things that are bringing a smile to my face right now!

Organizing the teacher snacks during conference week & 
being able to pop into the kids school multiple times this week
I just love every single Colleen Hoover book!
Mainly Spring Break, but summer vacations are starting!!!
Two words -- Glue Tape!
If you're wrapping presents without it, this is a game changer!
For the curious, this and this are the wrapping papers I ordered for this year.
My new key fab cover!

Guys -- it's the little things!  This would be the perfect stocking stuffer
{physically small & about $10!} this Christmas!

Happy Friday everyone!!

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